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All labels in think-cell suddenly show bullets


think-cell uses PowerPoint's Master textboxes to enable promote/demote functionality. Under certain circumstances, when a think-cell chart is copied to another presentation, PowerPoint tries to be smart and updates all the Master textboxes to the styles as defined in the Master of the target presentation. If the Master of the target presentation has a bullet defined on the first text level, then PowerPoint enforces this setting on all copied Master textboxes, including the ones that belong to the chart.


think-cell cannot automatically remedy this situation, because the software cannot distinguish between automatic bullets from PowerPoint and bullets that the user enabled on purpose. The problem can be fixed manually:

  1. Deactivate think-cell (MoreDeactivate).
  2. In PowerPoint, select all concerned textboxes. Depending on the content you have on the slide, you may be able to use Ctrl + A to select all shapes at once, or to use PowerPoint's lasso to select multiple shapes in a single action.
  3. Hit the Bullets button in PowerPoint's toolbar to remove the bullets from the selected textboxes.
  4. Enable think-cell again (click think-cell's logo, which is the only button that remains in the think-cell toolbar when deactivated).

Best practice

It is recommended to avoid bullets in the first text level of PowerPoint's Master slide. This way, the problem described can be eliminated. Moreover, even on slides that do not contain any charts, it is usually not desirable to have a bullet on the first text level.