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Location: Berlin, Germany

Can a company be more profitable than this one?

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About marketing at think-cell

Who wouldn’t be proud about being praised by Philipp Westermeyer's infamous OMR podcast as THE German software hidden champion?

And proud we are indeed. Our graphics software is used by most major global consulting firms and corporations to prepare high-quality presentations. This large and vocal user base of professionals drives our sales by word-of-mouth, leading to a 60 million EUR revenue and 20% growth last year. We are a super-lean organization, with every recurring task automated, low staff numbers and a very decent profit margin.

So what’s missing?

Despite the accolades coming from the online marketing community, we are not doing any marketing. None. Whatsoever. We have been called "order takers".

So, we wonder: What would happen if we actually did marketing? Would we be able to break into new professional user networks that our current word-of-mouth cannot reach? Could we penetrate foreign markets faster?

This is where your role starts.

About this job

You will be employee number 1 for all outbound activities. Your successful contributions are likely to change the way think-cell works.

You will help us maintain and improve our steep revenue growth and be instrumental in tripling our annual revenue within the next 5 years. You identify underpenetrated target regions and promising user groups with their specific needs. You draft, plan and execute go-to-market strategies, measure their impact and iterate accordingly.

You already know, or will quickly learn how to master outbound and inbound marketing techniques, such as social media and affiliate marketing, SEO/SEM, multi-media content creation, events, mailings, PR and digital advertising, to create leads and how to follow them through the complete sales pipeline.

Let your creativity flow freely. We will give you all the resources you need. You will work with outside agencies, platforms, partners and advisors. You will identify and test marketing measures, and build up in-house resources for those that have proven successful and that we want to expand.

You will be measured by your results. You can make a huge difference, and will be compensated accordingly.

This job will be very rewarding for an ambitious and analytic businessperson. You will enter a technology-driven company that has kept its startup atmosphere in a nice loft office in Berlin-Mitte, but at the same time has a proven product offering, deep pockets and the management capabilities of a much larger organization. think-cell encourages a healthy work-life balance. We support our staff's families with a full-time company nanny. She is available for free when children are sick, or if you just feel like spending an evening out. And of course, we offer all the amenities you expect from a leading tech company.


If you are the one missing from our team, please send us your electronic application.

Want to know more?

If you have any questions regarding working at think-cell, our job openings or events, please feel free to contact our colleague Annika Klauske.

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