KIT Job Fair 2017

What happened at this event?

On May 18th, three members of our team, Valentin, Christoph and Soledad, participated in the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology Job Fair. The KIT is very well known for its excellence and connection to the research and innovation center. Under the slogan “Don’t take candy from strangers”, we invited fair attendees to talk about what think-cell does and let them know we’re looking for C++ developers.

There were students from all over the world with interests in varied IT-related careers, and we also met quite a few enthusiastic think-cell users. It was encouraging to hear the impact our software has had on people’s lives, allowing them to focus more on the content of their work rather than the aesthetics of it. Many were eager to know when we are launching the Mac version and we assured them our team is working on it.

We drew in a crowd with our teaser posters on the job walls. After a talk with our developers and being plied with treats from our assortment of entirely green, sweet & sour candy and fruit, both potential candidates and users left happy that day. Congratulations to Jette Leonhardt and team for hosting such a great event with so many talented people! Take a look at our photos below and remember to start the process if you are interested in working with us. Just send us your CV/resume by clicking on the link below.

Apply now by email

After a short day in the office in Berlin we were on the way to Karlsruhe

We were welcomed at KIT Campus Süd by a troubled sky

Many spotted us on the job walls and came directly to ask about our C++ developer position... as well as for candy, of course

Valentin, one of our developers, caught up in a full explanation about what working for think-cell entails

... while our candy bar host, Rebecca, gave away all the candy and fruit...

... which students, users, staff from the fair and from other stands didn't think twice about enjoying!

Another of our developers, Christoph, talking to a lady who “likes big data and cannot lie”

Green candy, fruit and exciting career options — what more can you ask for?

And we even were visited by users working at another stand who congratulated us on our product

Who is think-cell?

think-cell was founded in 2002 by two computer scientists who continue to run the company. We produce graphics software that performs most of the painstaking work of creating presentation slides for our demanding users.

Find out more about our company and our working environment on the career overview page. If you are looking for more information on what development problems we are facing every day go to our C++ developer job posting.

Want to know more?

If you have any questions regarding working at think-cell, our job openings or events, please feel free to contact our colleague Marisa Freese.
+49 30 666473-10

Marisa Freese think-cell HR representative

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