KB0133: There are screen drawing problems when I use think-cell under Parallels Desktop


The think-cell add-in uses Microsoft's DirectX technology to render the think-cell user interface. In some configurations, DirectX under Parallels Desktop can cause drawing problems.

Parallels Desktop includes the MacLook option, which makes the virtual Windows look like Mac OS X. This can cause some drawing problems as well.


Please try first to update Parallels to the latest version. Also make sure that your graphics drivers are up to date.

If this does not help, deactivate MacLook:

  • Start Windows in Parallels Desktop. Once Windows has launched, choose one of the following two options:
  • If you see the Parallels icon in the status area on the Mac's menu bar, hold the Mac keyboard's Alt ("option") key while clicking the Parallels icon, to access its menu. Then deselect ViewUse MacLook.
  • If Parallels Desktop is the active application on the Mac's menu bar, you can also deselect ViewUse MacLook from its main application menu.

If drawing problems remain, deactivate the 3D acceleration in your virtual machine configuration:

  • First, shut down your virtual Windows machine.
  • Choose Configure from the Virtual Machine menu.
  • Choose Video from the list of configuration items on the left.
  • Make sure Enable 3D acceleration is switched off.