think-cell round – Always correct

When data is compiled for a report or PowerPoint presentation rounding summations in Excel is a frequent problem. It is often desirable but difficult to achieve that rounded totals match the total of the rounded addends. If you are not yet aware of this problem yet, please have a look at the following examples.More

Browse through the following video gallery to see how think-cell round solves the problem of correct Excel data rounding in an automated and easy-to-use way.

  • Tight integration into Excel

    This video shows how well think-cell round integrates into Excel by offering a set of new functions that are available from a dedicated ribbon group. With a single click on think-cell round's flexible rounding function you can do much better than standard Excel formatting and Excel rounding.

  • Maximum control

    This video shows that think-cell round can also solve very complex rounding problems. If necessary, the rounding decisions can be controlled on a cell-by-cell basis. In addition, you can select any set of cells to which rounding should be applied, even with links to other Excel sheets.